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MQX New England Faculty

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Kathie Beltz has been addicted to quilting since 1995, teaching since 2004, and judging quilts since 2007. She has won numerous quilting awards across the United States and teaches workshops at shows, guilds, and shops. Kathie particularly enjoys instructing beginners by planning her classes in such a way that the student will go home with a finished (or mostly finished) project satisfying the need for instant gratification from a class. As a certified instructor, Kathie has been provided with the opportunity to continue Deb Tucker’s tradition of excellent instruction combined with fun. These efficient techniques and accurate tools make it easy to create beautiful quilts without a lot of fuss.

Click here to view Kathie's Walking Tours

Natalia Bonner–Natalia Whiting Bonner has enjoyed piecing quilt tops for more than twenty years. She invested in a Gammill longarm quilting machine in 2007 and then got the crazy idea to quit her job to become a full-time longarm quilter. Natalia’s passion for quilting and being creative has grown and to put it plainly, she has become a quilting addict. She teaches at quilt guilds, shows, and has appeared on TV shows across the country. Natalia is the author of Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting, Next Steps in Machine Quilting, and Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers. She is the co-author of Modern One-Block Quilts & Cabin Fever:20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts. Natalia is a Gammill Quilt Artist, Moda Fabric Designer and online instructor.

Click here to view Natalia's classes.

Clem Buzick – In her life as a former hairdresser, a client asked if she wanted to take a quilting class.... as a long time sewer, she knew that could be dangerous. The rest is history…In 2007 Clem purchased her first longarm thinking that she might quilt for a friend once in a while but quickly had 30 quilts to do! After 26 years, she hung up her hairdressing shears, picked up the sewing scissors, and never turned back! Clem quilts in her Fargo Studio and  has the wonderful opportunity to compete in many quilt competitions at quilt shows across the country winning many awards. Clem loves to share her skills, and her crazy story, but she especially LOVES to encourage others along the way!

Click here to view Clem's classes.

Lisa CalleLisa Calle is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science with a BS in Textile Management and Marketing. She found a love for quilting in 1997 after leaving a management career in retail with a focus on raising a family.

Lisa first learned about long arm quilting machines while working part-time in the local quilt shop. After a lengthy career quilting for customers, Lisa began teaching in 2007 and has produced multiple instructional DVD's and a line of longarm templates/rulers entitled Quilters Groove. Lisa resides in Chester County, Pennsylvania with her husband and 3 children.

Click here to view Lisa's classes

Sheridan Carter began sewing over 30 years ago but fell head over heels in love with quilting at the birth of her first grandchild. Not being content with completing a few quilts each year, Sheridan soon discovered longarm quilting and computerized success. She has earned many top awards and has quilted over 4000 quilts for her clients. She is now the proud owner of Sheridan Kay Quilting Studio in Hendersonville, NC where she continues to share her love of quilting by inspiring and assisting new longarm quilters. It would be hard to say which she loves more, teaching or quilting. Thankfully both her passions go hand in hand.

Click here to view Sheridan's classes.


Dustin (“Dusty”) Farrell is not your everyday, run of the mill quilter. Anyone who knows Dusty knows his high-energy, innovative designs, techniques, and multi-purpose tools will tell you his classes will set you free! His classes are fun and build confidence. Dusty is an award winning longarm quilter who has traveled throughout The United States and Canada, teaching his unique style. Dusty offers a wide variety of classes for all levels, including hands on, lecture demos, and drawing classes along with his unique black light trunk show. His work has won many awards and he has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows. Dusty offers several instructional DVD’s, books, and tools.

Click here to view Dustin's classes.

Jessica Gamez Teacher 2017Jessica Gamez, of Jessica's Quilting Studio, brings over a decade of expert longarm experience to MQX Quilt Festivals. She has frequently been featured on "Quilting Celebrations" with Patrick Lose for her exquisite quilting and longarm expertise. Having completed over 6,000 quilts for clients all over the United States, she has been awarded high honors for many of her clients' competition quilts.

 Click here to view Jessica's classes

Faculty: Linda Gosselin for HQ Pro-Stitcher Premium Simulator: Building a Whole Cloth QuiltLinda Gosselin is a Handi Quilter Educator, an Art & Stitch certified instructor and a professional machine quilter with a background in accounting and information systems. She discovered a love of computerized quilting after purchasing her first HQ16 longarm system in 2005. Now she's an experienced teacher with the HQ Pro-Stitcher, Art & Stitch and Sue Pelland Designs as well as quilting classes. Linda is a member of several local quilt guilds and volunteers as a longarm quilter for Quilts of Valor. Linda hails from central Massachusetts.

Click here to view Linda's classes.

Jane Hauprich Jane has been piecing quilts for going on 20 years and discovered a passion for longarm quilting in 2009. Jane is a self-taught quilter who specializes in custom free motion quilting winning many awards over the years. As a Handi Quilter National Educator and on her own at quilt shops and national quilt shows, Jane’s philosophy is that no matter the machine anyone can learn to custom quilt. Jane resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Click here to view Jane's classes.

Faculty: Deloa JonesDeLoa Jones –has carried her traditional quilting background into her machine quilting. An experienced machine quilter with thousands of customer quilts under her belt, DeLoa has been teaching her free motion designs throughout the country. She lives in Michigan and is the proud mother of eight children. She enjoys sharing her quilting knowledge with all who share the same passion. DeLoa was awarded the 2011 Machine Quilter Teacher of the Year at MQX East 2012.  Visit Deloa's Site

Click here to view Deloa's classes.

Karen Kendo - began quilting in 1995. She is a member of Cobblestone Quilters Guild in Charleston, SC where she has served as Ways and Means chairperson, Vice-President, President, and Quilt Show Chairperson. Karen also belongs to Quilters of South Carolina, the state guild, and has served on their board of directors since 2004.

Click here for a brief video

Click here to view Karen's classes.

Faculty: Cindy Lohbeck for Black Magic - Discharge Dyeing Cindy Lohbeck has worked in textiles and fabric dyeing for over 30 years and is truly a dyehard at heart! She started "Hands On Hand Dyes" in 2007 to share her love of textile arts through an extensive line of fabric dyeing kits. Believing in the right tools for the job, her helpful kits and classes are full of tools, tips and tricks which have helped thousands of quilters and crafters share in the empowering experience of dyeing their own fabric. Humor, productivity and organization are key components to her fabric dyeing workshops making them a favorites at quilt shows, fabric shops, retreats, and guild events across the nation.

Click here to see Cindy's classes

Judi Madsen is an award-winning quilter, author, and instructor. She has traveled the world teaching to bring the joy of quilting to others throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and Norway. She started her own pattern line when she was 25 and has self-published over 50 different designs for her company Green Fairy Quilts. Judi has two books, online classes and loves being able to share her passion about quilting with others in the hopes that they will be inspired on their own quilting journey. Judi is married to her high school sweetheart, Clint and they have four children. They live in beautiful Saint George, Utah. Together, they own and Judi recently started her own online presence

Click here to view Judi's classes.

Kathy McNeil – Kathy McNeil is an internationally award winning quilt artist, judge, teacher and designer. Sewing thousands of little scraps of fabric together by hand, she creates quilts that look like paintings. Her pictorial quilts are frequently featured in museums, magazines, calendars and international shows. Many of her quilts are in private collections. You can find out more about Kathy’s art quilts at -

Click here to watch a short video to learn more about Kathy's classes 

Click here to view Kathy's classes

Faculty: RaNae Merrill for Spiral Rose Nesting Spiral WorkshopRaNae Merrill –RaNae is an award-winning quilter, author and teacher. Her unique "spiral" quilts have appeared in national shows and magazines, and her books Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts and Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts have already become quilting classics. She is a popular instructor at guilds, and frequently teaches at major quilt shows around the world

Click Here for a short Video on RaNae's classes

Click here to view RaNae's classes.

Bethanne Nemesh PortraitBethanne Nemesh has always been an artist, having earned her BFA in 1995 from Longwood College in Virginia followed by a MS in Art Therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1997. Bethanne is a national award winning quilter, having won top awards at every major national show with her unique pictographic quilting style, detailed finish work and contemporary wholecloth quilts. Bethanne is a dynamic teacher, often adapting the content of her classes to individual student needs, especially in her hands on classes. Please visit Bethanne's website, for a complete list of her awards, book and magazine publications and museum exhibitions.

Click here to view Bethanne's classes

Jenny Pedigo - Jenny made her first quilt in 2002 and fell in love with the quilting process!  Jenny is married with 6 children and lives in Everett, WA and some of her favorite things to do besides quilting is, spending time with her family, anything to do with home decor and working out at the gym. In 2007 she started her own longarm quilting business in order to work from home. Jenny has a unique ability to see the secondary design that gives he perfect compliment to the piecing.  After 7 years of quilting for others full time Jenny discovered the Modern Online Quilting Community and fell in love. Jenny loves the challenge of putting a twist on quilting, whether it be through design, color or quilting, and loves that she can share her quilting passion with her sisters. 

Click here to view Jenny's classes.

Faculty: Susan Pelland for Clever Clam ShellsSue Pelland – has been quilting and teaching since the age of 13. Sue worked for her family owned quilt shop while earning a degree in Textile Chemistry. Sue worked for Cranston Print Works Co. for 5 years as a Color Chemist. Sue's favorite part of the Cranston Print Works job was taking quilt groups on tour of the manufacturing facility, and attending quilt guild meetings to educate quilters about fabric printing and finishing.  

Click here to view Sue's classes.

Faculty: Barbara Persing for Listen to Your QuiltBarbara Persing is an author, pattern designer, professional longarm quilter and award winner quilt artist. She lives in Pennsylvania and started her quilting business in 2000. Embracing the challenge of providing unique, creative machine quilting for her customers, it became the beginning of her quilting approach “Listen to Your Quilt” which also inspired her book of the same name. Barbara’s quilt designs have a broad range and she has won many prizes for her work. Barbara has a pattern business with her sister, Mary Hoover, named 4th & 6th Designs. Mary lives in NY and shares Barbara’s love of quilting and they have a book, StrataVarious Quilts. Despite a hectic schedule Barbara still continues to find time for her dedicated clients and enjoys collaborating with them.

Click here to view Barbara's classes.

Faculty: Deborah Poole for Feathers for the FearfulDeborah Poole – Deborah is a national award winning professional longarm quilter, author and teacher. She was also Kim Diehl's personal quilter for six years, so you can view her work in many of Kim's books as well as multiple magazines. She has been quilting as long as she can remember, and has solid roots in traditional hand-piecing, appliqué and quilting. Eight years ago she chose to cross over to what she referred to as "The Dark Side" and bought a longarm. Her quilting world instantly got a whole lot bigger. Her greatest joy now is helping others be successful in all aspects of quilting.

Click here to view Deborah's classes.

Karlee Porter – Quilting since 2009, but an artist all her life, Karlee has traveled the world to teach quilting and loves connecting with and inspiring her students to quilt on their own terms. She is a notorious Quilt-Police evader and loves all things in rainbow order. Karlee loves to push the boundaries in her quilting and design work, and tends to blur the lines between traditional quilting techniques and 21st century technology. She designs and prints her own fabric, and is also an avid computerized quilting and embroidery design creator. She resides in Northern Utah with her husband Andrew and their baby boy, Nate. When she isn't in the studio, she loves exercising and cooking

Click here to view Karlee's classes.

Faculty: Jodi Robinson for How Should I Quilt This? **co-taught with Eva BirchJodi Robinson has been a quilter for the past 20 years, and has been a professional longarm quilter for 18 years. She has been teaching nationally at many of the machine quilting shows for the past 11 years and has won numerous national awards for her machine quilting skills. Along with teaching, Jodi has self-published nine machine quilting design books, and provides professional longarm quilting services to her clients. Jodi’s books and classes focus on using quick and easy methods to create freehand machine quilting designs that will personalize and make your quilting unique.

Click here to view Jodi's classes.

Helen Robinson taught herself to quilt from from the Quilter’s Complete Guide by Fons and Porter in 1997 when she wanted to offer an after-school sewing class to Jr. High students and needed an affordable teacher. The first quilt block Helen sewed was a Log Cabin Block, and she was hooked on the entire process! Helen’s quilting obsession was quickly shared with her sister Jenny Pedigo, who has also been bitten by the "quilt bug." In 2010 Helen bought a Gammill Classic longarm and quilted for customers for a short time to learn the art of longarm quilting. 

Click here to view Helen's classes.

Crystal Smythe's lifelong love of sewing has led her in many directions. She has explored and exploited about every sewing technique including garment construction, tailoring, heirloom sewing, machine embroidery, quilt piecing, free-motion quilting on a home machine, creating mohair teddy bears, and now, professional machine quilting. The addition of the IntelliQuilter computerized robotic quilting system has increased her productivity, complexity, and accuracy. She quilts for clients and manages four longarms, all with computerized quilting systems. Crystal has been a longtime faculty member of MQX Quilt Festivals. 

Click here to view Crystal's classes.

Faculty: Margaret Solomon Gunn for Dense & Dainty (lecture & drawing)Margaret Solomon Gunn has sewn everything from heirloom smocked dresses to curtains, with a current love of hand-piecing and appliqué. She made her first quilt while in college studying to be an engineer. Fifteen years later, she traded in the career to stay at home, raise her children, and realized that her love of quilting could be fostered at the same time and bought herself a longarm to start a business, Mainely Quilts of Love. Known for her often intricate secondary patterns and use of templates, Margaret is a freemotion quilter with many national awards and published articles to her credit.

Click here to view Margaret's classes

TJ Speiser learned to hand quilt at her grandmother’s side in a small town in Southern Illinois. Grandma taught her to tie a knot with two fingers and to appreciate the beauty and work that makes a quilt. After a tough time with her domestic sewing machine, TJ discovered the Statler Stitcher and her love for design and quilting was transformed. With a college degree in Education, TJ has been teaching most of her life. In addition to being a quilter, teacher & designer, TJ Speiser is also a Creative Studio™ VS 6 Certified Trainer, Beta Tester and AutoSketch® instructor.

Click here to view TJ's classes.

David Taylor – David Taylor was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and currently resides in Henniker, New Hampshire. He has been the recipient of the Fairfield Master Award for Contemporary Quilting from the International Quilt Association (2006, 2014), the Brother Wall Machine Workmanship Award from the American Quilters Society (2008), and a two-time Best of Show winner at the IQA's Spring Festival in Chicago (2007, 2008), among others. His art quilts hang in numerous private collections worldwide.

Click here to view David's classes.

Lynne Tyler learned to sew in fifth grade and made her first quilt in college. Lynne is a former state-juried member of both the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Artists Association, where she won numerous awards. She taught Drawing and Oil Painting at the Manchester Institute of Arts and Sciences for over 10 years.

Click here to view Lynne's classes.

Jessica VanDenburgh - was born and raised in upstate New York. She discovered quilting and bag making in 2005 and started making bags for friends and family in 2007. From there her company, Sew Many Creations, was born. Originally the company focused solely on making custom bags but slowly developed into a pattern company after many requests by fellow quilters. As a quilter herself, Jessica uses techniques she learned for cutting and sewing in her simple bag patterns. In 2012 she expanded her pattern company to also include simple quilts and other accessories. Her laid back approach to teaching makes students feel at ease. Her classes are full of fun facts, tips, tricks and a whole lot of laughter.

Click here to view Jessica's classes.

Candace West began her sewing career creating custom equestrian apparel and accessories for both horse and rider. Today, Barn Cat Creations, LLC, has evolved into a quilting focused business. Candace is a published pattern designer with digital quilting designs available at with her piecing patterns available directly from Barn Cat Creations. Ms. West is a multiple national award winner and teacher, whose art has been, displayed at major quilt show venues throughout the country. Her award winning quilts and garments have appeared in several major magazines.

Click here to view Candace's classes.

Susan Zellers –Baby Lock Certified Ambassador of Education. Susan has been sewing on Baby Lock sewing machines for over thirty years and has traveled all over the US as a Baby Lock Educational Consultant and immersing herself in teaching sergers and sewing machines. Susan was sewing her own school clothes by the age of twelve, home decorated, and kept her two daughters clothed. Having recently ventured into the Modern Quilting world, she has become inspired to teach new methods of piecing and quilting with a serger. Her contagious laugh and enthusiasm creates an enjoyable and enlightening experience for her students. 

Click here to view Susan's Classes

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