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MQX Quilt Festival -New England
April 5-8, 2017


E102 - Ready Set Go with Karen Sievert

E116 - Totally Template with Lisa Calle

E122 - Old Meets New - Margaret Solomon Gunn

E126 - Serger University with Susan Zellers

E138 - Serger University with Susan Zellers

E144 - Filler Combo - Jessica Gamez

E150 - Freehand Fabulous Edge-to-Edge with Bethanne Nemesh




E202 - Empty Space No Problem  - with Karen Marchetti

E210 - Thrill of the Fill with Karen Sievert

E216 - Freemotion Quilting on a Longarm for Beginners with Jane Hauprich

E218 - Wedding Ring  with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

E224 - A is for Applique with Margaret Solomon Gunn

E228 - Fusing Fabric Painting with Lenore Crawford



E302 - Paisley Pathways with Jessica Gamez

E308 - Magic Mirror Mandala with Ranae Merrill

E310 - Tools Rule! with Karen Sievert

E314 - Devil Still in the  Details with Bethanne Nemesh 

E316 - Beautiful Backgrounds Grid Based Fillers with Margaret Solomon Gunn

E318 - 15 Minutes of Play with Victoria Findlay Wolf 

E326- Shredded Fabric Art with Lenore Crawford

E332- Spunky Funky Feathers with Karen Marchetti 

E340 - Hardcore Heirloom Feathers with Deborah Poole

E344- Dense and Dainty with Margaret Solomon Gunn 

E350 - Serger University  with Susan Zellers



E402 - Let's Get Registered with Deborah Poole

E418 - Domestic Bliss with Sue Heinz

E422 - FM Mastery in a month Ranae Merrill

E442 - Quilts Rule with Ruler Work with Jane Hauprich


REMINDER - ALL CLASSES HAVE A Waiting List Option: Should a class fill, you will be asked if you want to be put on the waiting list for the class. Waiting lists are an automatic service provided by MQX Quilt Festivals. When and if a class opens, all students on the waiting list will be e-mailed at the same time. Respond at your earliest opportunity as the class will be filled on a first-come first served basis.


Cancelled Classes:

E128 - Basics and Beyond Horizon with RaNae Merrill 

E168 - Feathers in Freemotion with Jane Hauprich 

E408 - Finishing Touches with Karen Sievert

E434 - Kids Can Quilt with Margaret Solomon Gunn

E466- Thickened Dye Explorations -Lisa Reber



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