Congratulations envelope
Announcing the Finalists for 
MQX Quilt Festivals - New England 2017


CONGRATULATIONS to the following finalists in the juried quilt competition.
Also included in this list are those that submitted quilts in the non-juried categories.

February 20, 2016 - 

Acceptance e-mails will be sent in the next few days with:
     Detailed shipping instructions
     Appraisal Form
     Identification Form

Only rejection e-mails have been sent. If your name is not shown here and you submitted an entry, please message Janet-Lee at  

Karen Abrahamovich
Gretchen Adams
Marie Alexander
Mandy Applebee
Janet Arkinson (2)
Carolina Asmussen (2)
Heidi August
Joanne Baeth
Penni Barger (4)
Mel Beach (2)
Kathie Beltz
Robert Bemis (3)
Susan Bianchi
Barbara Binotto
Jody Bowyer
Kathy Bradbury
Deborah Brazil
Felicity Britton
Louise Brogan
Andrea Brokenshire
Shelley Brooks (2)
Alice Brown (3)
Andi Brunhammer/
   Jim Smith (2)
Terry Burris (2)
Linda Bush
Elsie M. Campbell
Susan Carlisle
Teri Cherne
Anna Chupa
Lenore Crawford
Sara Crocker
Shelley Dameron
Mathea Daunheimer
Sue Davis
Laura Di Cera
Mary Diamond (2)
Diane Dixon (2)
Daisy Dodge
Marcia Dougherty
Lori East
Dominique Ehermann
Ree Fagan
Tannis Fahlman
Peggy Fischer
Renee Fleuranges-Valdes
Mary Furber
Skye-Lee Gauthier
Karlie Grable
Macy Grable
Cindy Gravely
Virginia Greaves
Elizabeth Greene
Constance Griner (2)

Sophie Gunn
Betty Hahn
Molly Hamilton-McNally
Kathryn Hartley
Madison Hartley
Elizabeth Hastings
Jane Hauprich
Susan Helliar
Anastasie Hocurscak
Dorie Hruska
Joyce Hughes
Carol Huntington
Jan Hutchison
Norma Ippolito
Brooke Johnson
Olivia Johnson
Page Johnson
Flora Joy (3)
Annette Kennedy
Mary Kerr (2)
Wayanna Kershner
Nina Klinck
Kimberly Lacy
Chris Laiacona
Cindi Lambert
Mary Landon
Nancy LaPointe
Dawn Larsen
Deborah Levy (2)
Kim Loar
Matt Macomber (3)
Eileen Mannion
Peggy Marquardt
Lisa lMason
Julie Maxwell
Nancy McConnell (2)
Natasa McFadyen
Dona McKenzie
Kathy McNeil (2)
Leslie McSorley
Arvilla Medeiros
Kathleen Mitchell
Linda Monasky
Susan Morris
Beth North
Mara Novak (2)
Beth Nufer
Mary O'Hearn-Seemann
Mary Olson
Theresa Olson
Rose Orr
Sylvie-Anne Oiumet
Nancy Parsons
Linda Pearl 

Dan & Carol Perkins
Georgia Pierce
Michelle Plourde
Joan Powers
Sophie Prescott
Michael Raynor
Kathy Rich (3)
Sarah richards
Hannah Robinson (2)
Rebecca Robinson
Gaye Ryon
Patti Sandage
Rosella Sawyer
Jodi Scaltreto
Sylvia Schaefer
Birgit Schueller
Ellen Simmons (4)
Jessica Skultety (2)
Ann Smith
Susan Smith (3)
Margaret Solomon Gunn
Lesa Spegal
Gail Stepanek
Susan Stewart
Kathleen Stier Whipker
Nancy Sullivan
Tracy Szanto
Cheryl Szynkowski
Claudia Taeubert
Susan Tamulaitis
Gail Tennis
Karen Terrens
Linda Thielfoldt (3)
Sue Turnquist (2)
Nelly Vileikis
Nadine Villani
Traci Warnke
Patricia Washburn (2)
Christa Watson
Susan B. Wecht
Kimberly Werth (2)
Candace West
Laurie Whalen (2)
Jill Whiffen
Cathy Wiggins (2)
Allison Wilbur
Libby Williamson
Lorri Wurtzler
Christine Yi
Karrie Youngblood
Anthony Zeoli
Ava Zeoli
Sharon Zimmerman 


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