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MQX Midwest Faculty

MQX Quilt Festival will announce our faculty for Midwest as contracts are signed. This page will be updated as contracts are committed to, check back often. 

Registration opens on May 15, 2017. If you are interested in learning more about our faculty, click on a name in the list on the left side of the page. Classes will appear as pages are built.

The Class Update page will indicate all sold out classes as well as cancellations.  

Kathie Beltz has been addicted to quilting since 1995, teaching since 2004, and judging quilts since 2007. She has won numerous quilting awards across the United States and teaches workshops at shows, guilds, and shops. Kathie particularly enjoys instructing beginners by planning her classes in such a way that the student will go home with a finished (or mostly finished) project satisfying the need for instant gratification from a class. As a certified instructor, Kathie has been provided with the opportunity to continue Deb Tucker’s tradition of excellent instruction combined with fun. These efficient techniques and accurate tools make it easy to create beautiful quilts without a lot of fuss.

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Faculty: Lori East for Gathering up the Fragments

Lori East is a lifelong quiltmaker who enjoys working with vintage and antique pieces. She is a certified quilt and textile appraiser, lecturer, teacher, judge, and researcher. Most of all, she loves quilts. Lori enjoys learning new things and sharing her knowledge with others.

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Faculty: Beth Ferrier for Easy Peasy Sneaky Piecing Tricks

Beth Ferrier – Beth has had a life long love affair with needle and thread. A quilter since 1975, lifetime teacher, and a needle worker from the age of five. Beth describes her style as rebellious traditional. Forever in search of easy and simply elegant solutions.... everything she designs is geared towards teaching skill expanding tips and techniques. An inability to follow instructions coupled with a penchant for giving directions led to the birth of Applewood Farm Publications, Inc, Beth’s publishing company. She has several TV shows under her belt and has been nominated twice for the Professional Quilter Magazine's Teacher of the Year award.

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Jessica Gamez Teacher 2017

Jessica Gamez, of Jessica's Quilting Studio, brings over a decade of expert longarm experience to MQX Quilt Festivals. She has frequently been featured on "Quilting Celebrations" with Patrick Lose for her exquisite quilting and longarm expertise. Having completed over 6,000 quilts for clients all over the United States, she has been awarded high honors for many of her clients' competition quilts.

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Gail Garber

Gail Garber - Bold, colorful, and stunning geometric designs with flying geese galore – that’s how you know you’re looking at one of Gail’s quilts! Her style has become immediately recognizable because of her talent for combing vivid colors with intricate piecework. Her geometric star quilts and pictorial quilts have won awards at shows throughout the U.S. and have been featured in publications worldwide. Students love her ability to make these designs achievable even for novice quilt designers. Visit her website.

 Click here to view Gail's classes

Faculty: Linda Gosselin for HQ Pro-Stitcher Premium Simulator: Building a Whole Cloth Quilt

Linda Gosselin is a Handi Quilter Educator, an Art & Stitch certified instructor and a professional machine quilter with a background in accounting and information systems. She discovered a love of computerized quilting after purchasing her first HQ16 longarm system in 2007. Now she's an experienced teacher with the HQ Pro-Stitcher, Art & Stitch and Sue Pelland Designs as well as quilting classes. Linda is a member of several local quilt guilds and volunteers as a longarm quilter for Quilts of Valor. Linda hails from central Massachusetts.

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Gravely,Cindy Bio picture

Cindy Gravely has a passion for teaching and coaching. She earned a master’s degree in Human and Fitness performance and has been a public school physical education teacher, volleyball, and cross country coach for the past 18 years. Cindy's quilting journey began 15 years ago by taking her first “quilting” class. Soon realizing that after the class was over there was only a top and quilting was a separate process. After 10 years of piecing and trying to quilt on a domestic machine she got the opportunity to purchase a second hand long arm. Intimidated and not sure what to do it sat for 6 months before she had the courage to turn it on. Within 3 months word of mouth grew her business and she's won awards at the local quilt show level and at the most recent MQX.

Click here to view Cindy's classes.

Faculty: Linda Hrcka for Beyond Borders

Linda Hrcka of The Quilted Pineapple, is an award-winning longarm quilter. She has taken her passion for quilting and transformed a favorite hobby into a successful business. Linda is a self-taught quilter who shares her love of quilting on her website. Linda's passion for transforming traditional designs with modern techniques shines throughout her style of free-motion quilting. To aid in the quilting process, Linda has designed her own line of quilting templates. Linda currently resides in Michigan with her husband and twin daughters. 

Click here to view Linda's classes.

Faculty: Dorie Hruska for Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Dorie Hruska has a deep passion for color, texture and design. She is a 4th generation quilter beginning at 15 secretly creating a Lone Star quilt for her mother. After purchasing her first longarm in 2002, she opened her successful longarm business, Forever Quilting. Dorie's work has been featured in several books and publications and she has won numerous awards for her machine quilting at the local and national levels. Although she uses a variety of quilting designs and styles, Dorie is best known for her connecting designs, as seen in her book, Making Connections. Click here for Dorie's website. 

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Faculty: Angela Huffman for Intelliquilter Simple Beginnings: Borders

Angela Huffman began quilting more than 17 years ago and has been infected with the quilting bug ever since. She has been a featured guest in numerous quilting publications and featured on quilting television productions. Angela enjoys teaching and oversees many happy longarm renters in her quilting studio. She enjoys computerized as well as free motion longarm quilting and has a designed numerous digital motifs. A nominee for teacher of the year, digital pattern designer and has many video tutorials to her credit. Angela is also an Emmy award-winning television producer and she an still be found behind the microphone as a voice-over artist for television and radio.

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Faculty: Deloa Jones

DeLoa Jones –has carried her traditional quilting background into her machine quilting. An experienced machine quilter with thousands of customer quilts under her belt, DeLoa has been teaching her free motion designs throughout the country. She lives in Michigan and is the proud mother of eight childern. She enjoys sharing her quilting knowledge with all who share the same passion. DeLoa was awarded the 2011 Machine Quilter Teacher of the Year at MQX East 2012. Visit Deloa's Site

Click here to view Deloa's classes.

Faculty: Mary Kerr for Floating Down a lazy River

Mary Kerr is an American Quilt Society certified appraiser, author and an award winning quilter. She is a quilt historian whose lectures and workshops focus on quilt history and the preservation of antique textiles. She owns Pieced of Olde, a small business that specializes in restoration and repair of antique. Mary's website is

Click here to view Mary's classes.

joan Knight Joan Knight – Joan Knight discovered quilting in 1977 not long after marrying into a quilting family. What started with hand-piecing with sandpaper templates has grown into a full-time job of longarm quilting, nationally and internationally teaching as a Certified Instructor for the Gammill Statler Stitcher, an area sales rep for Gammill, co-owner of Southern Belle Statler Retreats, and creator of Training Videos for Creative Studio. Joan is a multiple ribbon winner at national, regional, and local shows; both with her own and customer quilts. Joan was recently named Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year for 2016 at MQX.

Click here to view Joan's classes.

Faculty: Cindy Lohbeck for Black Magic - Discharge Dyeing

Cindy Lohbeck has worked in textiles and fabric dyeing for over 30 years and is truly a dyehard at heart! She started "Hands On Hand Dyes" in 2007 to share her love of textile arts through an extensive line of fabric dyeing kits. Believing in the right tools for the job, her helpful kits and classes are full of tools, tips and tricks which have helped thousands of quilters and crafters share in the empowering experience of dyeing their own fabric. Humor, productivity and organization are key components to her fabric dyeing workshops making them a favorites at quilt shows, fabric shops, retreats, and guild events across the nation.

Click here to see Cindy's classes

Faculty: Nancy McNally for Taking Care of US

Nancy McNally – Nancy has been quilting for over 20 years. She was introduced into this wonderful world of fiber arts as a young mom. She is self-taught in both piecing and longarm machine quilting. A few years ago, Nancy decided to try her hand at getting published. Her first quilt was Friendship Rings which made the cover of the magazine.... and off she went! Nancy has been published in a variety of magazines and books and made numerous radio and TV appearances. This will be Nancy's teaching debut at MQX.

Click here to view Nancy's classes.

Faculty: Deborah Poole for Feathers for the Fearful

Deborah Poole – Deborah is a national award winning professional longarm quilter, author and teacher. She was also Kim Diehl's personal quilter for six years, so you can view her work in many of Kim's books as well as multiple magazines. She has been quilting as long as she can remember, and has solid roots in traditional hand-piecing, appliqué and quilting. Eight years ago she chose to cross over to what she referred to as "The Dark Side" and bought a longarm. Her quilting world instantly got a whole lot bigger. Her greatest joy now is helping others be successful in all aspects of quilting.

Click here to view Deborah's classes.

Gretchen Quistgaard – Gretchen Quistgaard has been in the quilt shop industry for over 20 years. With two shops located in Rochester and Bloomington Illinois, she has focused her time on educating her customers on using their machines to the fullest. Ruler Works allows the perfect combination of design and technology for customers to complete their pieced works.

Click here to view Gretchen's class.

Faculty: Jennifer Rapacki for Weave That! Quilt Background

Jennifer Rapacki– is a tech-savvy fabric artisan specializing in combining traditional quilting techniques with technology driven designs and inkjet printing on fabric. She lectures about Modern Technology for Quilters, and teaches workshops on Photoshop Elements for Quilters, FraxHD (an iPad App), Electric Quilt, and non-tech workshops that include a fabric woven quilt background, and Peekaboo fabric, a reverse applique technique.

Click here to view Jennifer's classes

Mary Reinhardt, is the owner, creator, and developer of Machine Quilters Business Manager. Her blend of programming skills and love for quilting has resulted in a computer application entitled "Machine Quilting Business Manager" for the long arm quilter business owner. Eureka Documentation System, based in Rosemount, Minnesota is where she spends time continuing to develop MQBM and supporting the software.

Click here to view Mary's classes

Faculty: Valli Schiller for Ruler Quilting FUNdamentals

Valli Schiller has been making quilts since 1990, right around the time she discovered rotary cutters and computerized sewing machines. She's an avid sit-down machine quilter who loves experimenting with new techniques and sharing them with others. As a teacher, Valli is committed to helping each of her students achieve success. Workshop participants give her high marks for enthusiasm, technical know-how, and preparedness. Valli’s quilts have won multiple awards at the national and regional level, including Viewer’s Choice at the 2016 MQX Quilt Festival-Midwest.

Click here to view Valli's classes.

Faculty: Shelley Sieverkropp

Shelley Sieverkropp – Shelley Sieverkropp first found her love of sewing on a treadle machine, using a phone book to be able to reach the pedal. She pulls from years of experience: from making her own school clothing in third grade, working in a jacket factory, a restaurant owner, computer programmer, accountant and now longarm quilter to combine techniques that apply across the spectrum to identify and solve problems and increase your productivity.

Click here to view Shelley's classes

Teresa Silva

Teresa Silva– I'm a self-taught longarm quilter living in Washington state and have been longarm quilting for 6 years and quilting for over 25 years. I have quilted over 1000 quilts in my career and have had the pleasure of quilting for many well-known designers. I have also had my work featured in books and magazines. I consider my quilting style to be on the modern side. You can find my work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @quiltingismybliss. I love to share my passion for quilting with others.

Click here to view Teresa's classes.

Faculty: Margaret Solomon Gunn for Dense & Dainty (lecture & drawing)

Margaret Solomon Gunn has sewn everything from heirloom smocked dresses to curtains, with a current love of hand-piecing and appliqué. She made her first quilt while in college studying to be an engineer. Fifteen years later, she traded in the career to stay at home, raise her children, and realized that her love of quilting could be fostered at the same time and bought herself a longarm to start a business, Mainely Quilts of Love. Known for her often intricate secondary patterns and use of templates, Margaret is a freemotion quilter with many national awards and published articles to her credit.

Click here to view Margaret's classes

Faculty: Kristin Vierra for Needle Turn Applique on Your Sewing Machine

Kris Vierra is a national and international awarding winning quilter from Lincoln, Nebraska. Her quilts have been featured in numerous magazines and displayed at quilt shows throughout the country. Kris' recently won the 2015 Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry. She has a full- time longarm quilting business and enjoys teaching quilting and sharing her love of all things quilts.

Click here to view Kris's classes

Faculty: Christa Watson for Finding Your Path - Quilting on Your Domestic Machine

Christa Watson –lives with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the author of two books, Machine Quilting With Style and The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. She loves making modern quilts from start to finish and enjoys teaching others that they can, too! Visit her at and on Instagram @christaquilts


Click here to view Christa's classes.

Wingo Diane Vertical faculty

Diane Wingo comes from several generations of quilters but didn't start quilting herself until 1994. After purchasing a longarm in 2012, longarm quilting began as a hobby and then rather quickly became not only a job but a true passion. As a self-taught quilter, Diane specializes in custom freehand quilting and enjoys creating quilts for customers. She especially enjoys memory quilts which allows her to incorporate stories with her quilting, using names, dates, and motifs. Diane has to her credit numerous awards for her quilts and quilting. This will be Diane's teaching debut at MQX!

Click here to view Diane's classes.


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