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Congratulations Fireworks

CONGRATULATIONS to the following finalists in the juried quilt competition.
Also included in this list are those that submitted quilts in the non-juried categories.

9-16-17 - If your quilt has arrived and processed for the show, it is highlighted below. Please be mindful that it may take a day or two for the boxes to be opened, cataloged, tagged for judging, etc. Also, if you asked for a signature and received confirmation that I've signed for it, then it's here! 


Rhonda Adams (2)

Carol Alperin

Christina Arcenegui Bono

Carolina Asmussen (2)

Marcia Barron

Cassandra Beaver

Jeanne Berlin

Colleen Billen

Helen Blanton

Lisa Burmann

James Vaughn Cali

Lisa Calle

Sally Cascario (3)

Beth Cooper

Sherrie Coppenbarger

Sandy Curran

Kathy Decker

Debbie Derr-Weaver

Laura Di Cera

Diane Dixon

Daisy Dodge

Frederick Doehring

Katherine Dossman

Carol Duffy

Presley Duggan

Lori East (2)

Sharon Engel

Dorinda Evans

Sarah Evans (3)

Rebecca Everett

Dustin Farrell

Tracy Fritchman

Catherine Geier

Kathryn Gostola

Karlie Grable 

Macy Grable

Haley Graff

Elizabeth Jerome-Granberg (2)

Cindy Gravely

Peggy Green

Deborah Gregory-Wehn

Betty Hahn

Rebecca Hall-Martinez (2)

Laura Hamilton (2)






Susan Helliar

Jackie Herbert

Renee Hoffman (2)

Klonda Holt

Dorie Hruska

Kim Hull

Katherine Jones (3)

Elizabeth Karnes

Jarrett Keys

Karen Kielmeyer (2)

Lorilynn King

Diane Kinney

Linda Kowalski

Patti Kratz

Sue Krause

Karen Kuske

Kimberly Lacy (3)

Roberta Levin

Deborah Levy

Barbara Lies

Nicole Maroon

Carol Ann McCandless

Debbie McConnell

Cara McCormick

Jean McDaniel

Alison McDonald

Shari McDonnell Guimont

Laura McDowell Hopper (2)

Mary Menzer

Darlene Millar

Anne-Marie Miro (2)

Emmy Moore

Sandra Morgan Cockrum

Gilbert Muniz

Ellie Neitzel

Zoe Neitzel

Bethanne Nemesh

Betty New (2)

Rose Orr

Abigail Osterman

Carolyn Owens

Anita Pacheco (3)

Susan Palmer

Jocelyn Patterson

Jackie Perry

Kaylee Price



Gayle Pulley

Jennifer Rapacki

Linda Read (3)

Kathy Rich

Vicki Ruebel

Stephanie Ruyle

Kristi Ryan

Patti Sandage

Danette Sawtelle

Jodi Scaltreto (2)

Valli Schiller

Susan Schofield

Birgit Schueller (1 of 2)

Cindy Seitz-Krug

Teresa Silva

Nancy Smith

Jim Smith &
   Andy Brunhammer

Marlene Speed

Susan Stewart

Rhonda Stockton

Ellie Stull

Jane Stump

Sharon Sweetland

Marcia Switzer (2)

Claudia Taeubert-

Betty Jo Tatum

Karen Terrens

Linda Thielfoldt (2 of 3))

Lin Thompson

Mary Traxler

Sue Turnquist

Linzi Upton

Rebecca Verrier-Watt

Kristin Vierra (2)

Sharon Waggoner

Traci Warnke

Christa Watson

Suzy Webster (3 of 4)

Kimberly Werth

Pat Williams

Diane Wingo

Corrine Woodward (2)

Christine Yi





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