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Christmas is coming!  Wait, WHAT?  No, not THAT one  This is the one where all of us at MQX put YOU first. This is where we make sure you, and everyone that joins us, experiences their ultimate holiday season. It is your personal MQXmas, where you hang with all your quilting peeps, and make new friends with people that share your love of quilting. This is like waiting to buy presents at the very last minute and giving this one to yourself ......... sign up today. MQXmas is but a month away! Join us. With lots of classes to motivate and inspire, spectacular quilts to see, shopping to do, and fun to be had.

Here are a few MQXmas items to ponder.

Evening Events are open to the public for the price of admission only, you do not have to be a registered student to attend any MQX evening events.

     The Ice Cream Social has a new "Ugly Pants Competition" (maybe we ought to rename this to Fancy Pants Competition) with a prize for the most interesting and fun leggings/pants.  

     The much anticipated Awards Ceremony is where all the winners are revealed. At the Midwest show, we did a live Facebook feed.

     The Quilters Forum is Thursday night with us, and many of our staff who will fill in the audience on what it takes to pull off a show the size of MQX.

     Last but not least is the Friday Night Dinner with Special Guest, Mark Sherman, who will talk about being a "Man Quilter" in a female dominated industry. Now THAT should be interesting!


Quilted EMbrace is our chosen charity for 2016/2017. These quilts are quick, just 36" x 48"... or thereabouts, and may be simple or complex, bright or subdued. These quilts are intended for those in nursing facilities that may feel forgotten. The motto is, Covering our Seniors with a Hug, One Quilt at a Time Click here to get more information. There are PDF files with free patterns. 


MQX Student & Volunteer Services has a new location. The Radisson has significantly renovated the Ballrooms and Assembly (pre-function) area near the Armory. In the Assembly section, they have built a large registration area which is where Student and Volunteer Services, as well as Faculty Check-in will now be. ALL students will check in there. Admission kiosks will still be located in both Expo Center and Armory locations. Click here for a downloadable map. NOTE: This map will be included with each student's download packet, available later in the month. 


Check out these MQX faculty members and their cool classes.Spotlight right


Faculty: Timna Tarr for Designing with Flying Colors
Timna Tarr
- She is a master of color and has great insight on how to blend the old with the new.

Click here to learn more about Timna's classes




Shelly Sieverkropp
Shelley Sieverkropp
 - Learn all about how to apply binding on the longarm, taming those nightmare quilts, and making/keeping them square, are just a few of Shelly's offerings.

Click here for Shelley's classes



Applebee Mandy NewMandy Applebee - So, you're going to take the leap and buy a longarm. Scared? Yeah, then Mandy has the insight on what to know BEFORE you buy and how to get started once you do. Whether prospective buyer or beginner, Mandy's classes are the place to get you started. 

Click here to check out Mandy's classes




Fast Pass Admission is now available. $12 which is good for all show days and Wednesday preview. Go to the Fast Pass booth and pick up your wristband.... just bring your receipt with you. Quick and Easy! Click here to order.

MQX Students do NOT need to purchase admission.
It is included as part of your class registration.


See you soon!
Janet-Lee & Mary

MQX Quilt Festivals

MQX New England
The Center of NH / Radisson Hotel
700 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101

April 5-8, 2017
Classes begin April 5th
Public Quilt Show:
     Preview: Wednesday, April 5th - 7-9 pm
     Thursday, April 6, 10 am to 6 pm
     Friday, April 7, 10 am to 5 pm
     Saturday, April 8, 10 am to 5 pm 

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