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MQX - The Most Wonderful Show of the Year

December 21, 2019
MQX has set a record this year with with more than 30 sold out classes in the first month! Thank you, we are humbled by your excitement for the spring show. We would like to hold a candle (being it's the season) to highlight two of our vendors: Bittersweet Fabrics/Janome - We have worked ...

Holiday Thoughts from MQX Quilt Festivals

November 26, 2019
MQX Wishes Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season! There are so many people that contribute to the success of MQX .... sponsors, students, vendors, volunteers, staff, and friends. Everyone has a role in making the show hum and we thank you all. Here is a little ditty that Mary wrote for this ...

Win a Youth-Mentor Class at MQX

November 20, 2019
WIN A YOUTH-MENTOR CLASS WITH GYLEEN FITZGERALD at MQX Quilt Festival New England 2020 MQX Quilt Festivals and our sponsors are well aware that the future of quilting rests in the hands of those who mentor and nurture the youth. This contest is to win a free, all-day class, with Gyleen ...

MQX - When Crash and Burn Works Out

November 2, 2019
MQX Opening Day is a Crashing Success! WOWSA people! The website was SO overwhelmed that it unceremoniously crashed..... and then once it was going again, you all ordered like crazy. Yesterday's opening day was one of the greatest first day sales ever for MQX and we thank you for your ...

At MQX Good Things are Coming

October 28, 2019
MQX Class & Event Registration Opens THIS Friday Have you marked your calendar? It's almost time.......... THIS Friday, November 1, 2019 at Noon, Eastern Daylight Savings Time is when you may register for MQX New England 2020.What's the best way to review the class offerings? - The ...

MQX Quilt Festival Releases another Best Seller

October 12, 2019
HERE IT IS, the moment you've been waiting for....... the long-awaited sequel to MQX 2019.... The MQX 2020 Class and Event Schedule! Why is it a best seller? Because of you, our students. We thank you for supporting our show and for being part of the MQX Experience. Please ...

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