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New England class registration will be available late fall 2019.  Please stay tuned.  As faculty contracts are signed we will begin posting the line-up.  

Danny Amazonas was a professional floral designer in New York City in the 70s. "Of all the things I tried, sewing wasn’t one of them. In the early 80s, I was working with mosaic art using various materials. Later, in the 90s, I retired from business and returned to my birth place to take care of my aging father. I then discovered the world of colourful fabrics and the art of quilting. I perceived quilting as the art of sewing pieces of fabric together to create a beautiful design. As such, in my own concoction of fibre art while not knowing the basic requirements of quilting, I developed my own ‘quilting techniques’ for recreational purposes. My work eventually evolved from mosaic patterns into free-form. In 2012, using a new technique unprecedented in the field of fibre art, ‘Freehand Patchwork’ was born."

Mandy Applebee - After twelve years of teaching in the emergency medical field, Mandy has been teaching domestic machine quilting around New York state for the last three years. She is an enthusiastic, energetic, instructor willing to share her knowledge of quilting. As a longarm machine quilter by trade for ten years, she fell in love with finished quilts and refined the ability to complete them using either the domestic or longarm machine. Simple or complex Mandy will help you make choices that will make your quilts go from pretty to amazing! Yellowhouse Quilts

Kathie Beltz has been addicted to quilting since 1995, teaching since 2004, and judging quilts since 2007. She has won numerous quilting awards across the United States and teaches workshops at shows, guilds, and shops. Kathie particularly enjoys instructing beginners by planning her classes in such a way that the student will go home with a finished (or mostly finished) project satisfying the need for instant gratification from a class. As a longtime MQX judging room staff member, Kathie has a unique perspective into the judging process and will give tour participants an insider's view of why some quilts win ribbons and some do not.

Jason Blackmore is a professional longarm quilter with a background in drafting & design in the Oil & Gas industry. He started quilting in 2014 after a layoff due to a recession.  He specializes in computerized quilting, and thoroughly enjoys complex custom quilting; it’s still drafting, but now it’s on quilts!   Jason has worked on many award winning quilts and is always thrilled for his clients when they share the exciting news. Jason also enjoys experimenting with rulers which has allowed him to develop his skills in a whole new way.  Jason draws inspiration from modern quilting, architecture, geometry, even music! Jason spends his days rockin’ out to heavy metal while quilting full time on 2 longarm machines. He lives in Southern Alberta, Canada with his wife and 3 children, two cats, a dog and a tarantula. Jason is a guitar player too; writing and recording original music, and also loves playing programming / hacking PC games.  You can see his work on Instagram at @jb_quilts or at

Sharon Blackmore is a Professional Long Arm Quilter, Gammill Quilt Artist, Published Author, Designer & Educator. She has been quilting for almost 20 years now; teaching piecing and longarm quilting at workshops extensively both internationally and online. Sharon is a self taught quilter, drawing inspiration from everything she sees around her to create designs that flow with and compliment each quilt naturally.  She enjoys sharing her passion for quilting with each encounter. Her quilting style ranges from traditional to modern, simple to complex, combining both freehand and computerized quilting. Sharon also enjoys quilting on leather and cork.  She lives in Southern Alberta, Canada with her husband and 3 children. You can see her work on Instagram at @loveshackquilts or at

Howdy! Howdy! This is Mathew Boudreaux (AKA Mister Domestic), presently residing in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, our 3-year-old daughter Helena, and two cats Jordan & Camden. I am originally from Houston, TX and have managed to live all over the country during my adult life, but finally settled down and call Camas, Washington home. During the day, I work in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in oncology, but am an artist by heart and have jokingly referred to myself as an artistic gypsy flowing from theater to modeling to photography to sewing.

I had learned to sew as a kid, but never really got into it until we had our daughter. I thought it would be a great way to connect with her if I could make her cool clothes. Almost 40, I felt that my taste-level had arrived and that I could make some pretty neat-o digs, if only I could figure out how to do it. Before Helena could even crawl, my husband bought me a couple sewing classes at Modern Domestic in Portland, which was the perfect jumpstart that I needed because I haven’t stopped since.                                                       

Lisa (Calle) Hagstoz  is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science with a BS in Textile Management and Marketing. She found a love for quilting in 1997 after leaving a management career in retail with a focus on raising a family.

Lisa first learned about long arm quilting machines while working part-time in the local quilt shop. After a lengthy career quilting for customers, Lisa began teaching in 2007 and has produced multiple instructional DVD's and a line of longarm templates/rulers entitled Quilters Groove. 

Kathy Farra, aka Machine Lady has been sewing and quilting most of her life.  She studied sewing machine repair and since then she has focused on the Singer Featherweight and other Vintage Singer machines.  In recent years, she has been teaching featherweight maintenance classes all over the East Coast.


Kerin Ferrin In spring 2018, Kerin and MJ Kinman teamed up to create a comprehensive Gem Affiliate program; certifying teachers across the country to teach classes based on MJ's gemstone patterns. Prior, Kerin was one of the most successful Tuffet Source Affiliates in the country, teaching more than 100 classes.


Faculty: Gyleen Fitzgerald for Bending StarGyleen Fitzgerald makes quilts that blend color, pattern and texture to provide a contemporary essence in traditional quilting. Her strength as a quilter is demonstrated by the infusion of engineering tools and innovative techniques to simplify visually complex quilts. She shares her enthusiasm for quilting through interactive lectures and workshops. As a writer, Gyleen centers on haiku poetry, quilt project books, magazine articles and children’s books.

Jane Hauprich Jane has been piecing quilts for going on 20 years and discovered a passion for longarm quilting in 2009. Jane is a self-taught quilter who specializes in custom free motion quilting winning many awards over the years. As a Handi Quilter National Educator and on her own at quilt shops and national quilt shows, Jane’s philosophy is that no matter the machine anyone can learn to custom quilt. Jane resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Karen Hogan  - has been sewing all her life inspired by her mother's scraps on the floor. She learned to make doll clothes as a child and then took up patchwork and quilting on the domestic machine in 2008. In 2015, Karen bought a longarm and discovered the world of digital design using Art and Stitch. Although she can freemotion quilt, she has  embraced the precision of computerized quilting from motifs to entire wholecloths. Learn with Karen how fabulous digital design is.

Dorie Hruska is a 4th generation quilter, author, pattern designer, APQS dealer and Professional Longarm quilter since 2002, with a background in Business & Accounting. Dorie's work has been featured in several books & publications and she has won numerous awards for her machine quilting at the local and national levels. Although she uses a variety of quilting designs and styles, Dorie is best known for her ability to find a continuous quilting path on any quilt, a technique she teaches in her book, Making Connections, A Free-Motion Quilting Workbook. She has also designed quilting stencils, several grid based design books and numerous quilt patterns. Including patterns on English Paper Piecing, which she also loves to teach. Sharing her passion of quilting and encouraging others to quilt with confidence is what she loves most about teaching.  Click here for Dorie's website.

Faculty: Deloa JonesDeLoa Jones –has carried her traditional quilting background into her machine quilting. An experienced machine quilter with thousands of customer quilts under her belt, DeLoa has been teaching her free motion designs throughout the country. She lives in Michigan and is the proud mother of eight children. She enjoys sharing her quilting knowledge with all who share the same passion. DeLoa was awarded the 2011 Machine Quilter Teacher of the Year at MQX East 2012.  Visit Deloa's Site

Janice Kagenski began sewing at the age of 10, but fell in love with quilting in 1982 after seeing all the beautiful quilts at the New York State Fair. With a degree in Computer Science and a job in the Computer Aided Design and Drafting industry, she knew that longarm quilting would be in her future. She purchased a Gammill longarm machine in 2007 and computerized it with an Intelliquilter in 2011. Computerized quilting gives her the precision that she desires. She loves to help others with their quilting endeavors. Janice resides in southern New Hampshire and belongs to several quilt guilds

Cheryl Lynch –Cheryl Lynch made her first quilt out of Marimekko fabric as an impoverished chemistry graduate student at M.I.T.. It took another 17 years for her to make a second one – and then she was hooked. She likes to describe herself as an artist, designer and educator. In 1996 Cheryl began teaching quilt making. Since then, she has had projects published in many national quilting publications, is the author of two quilting books and has won awards for her quilts at major quilt shows. In addition she has done several private commissions and commissions for American synagogues. Currently her passion centers on two techniques that she has developed - Curvalicious and Mini Mosaic Quilts


Faculty: RaNae Merrill for Spiral Rose Nesting Spiral WorkshopRaNae Merrill –

RaNae Merrill believes anyone can do free-motion quilting! Her Free-Motion Mastery in a Month approach focuses on body mechanics (learning how to move) and comes from her lifelong experience as a concert pianist and piano teacher. RaNae lives in New York City (when she’s not on the road teaching quilting). 
Click Here for a short Video on RaNae's classes

                                                                                                        Click Here to see RaNae's Classes

Kathleen Mitchell - Hooked after answering an at-home ad "Learn to Quilt" in the local paper ten years ago, Kathleen eagerly absorbed everything her new guild friends shared.  Their practice quilts in tow, working on a rigged frame brought out determination & a love for finishing quilts.  Inventor, Baptist Fan ruler.

Faculty: Barbara Persing for Listen to Your QuiltBarbara Persing is an author, pattern designer, professional longarm quilter and award winner quilt artist. She lives in Pennsylvania and started her quilting business in 2000. Embracing the challenge of providing unique, creative machine quilting for her customers, it became the beginning of her quilting approach “Listen to Your Quilt” which also inspired her book of the same name. Barbara’s quilt designs have a broad range and she has won many prizes for her work. Barbara has a pattern business with her sister, Mary Hoover, named 4th & 6th Designs. Mary lives in NY and shares Barbara’s love of quilting and they have a book, StrataVarious Quilts. Despite a hectic schedule Barbara still continues to find time for her dedicated clients and enjoys collaborating with them.

Heidi Proffetty uses her original technique to create Mosaic Art Quilts using a digital cutter. Inspired by the photographs she takes, she renders the photo into a mosaic digital design. Then she carefully selects commercial batiks and hand-dyed fabrics to achieve the perfect combination of shading, contrast and interest. In the end, all of the small, intricate fabric pieces are precisely cut using a digital cutter, fused into place and free-motion stitched creating an art quilt that is filled with emotion and visually stunning.

Julia Quiltoff  - My passion for creating with fabrics and my sewing experience has spanned over 10 years; but buying my first longarm in the very end of 2014 transformed my life into a magical journey. I love working with the different textures, colors, and having the freedom to design and discovering different styles and techniques in longarm quilting. I consider myself as an always learning, curious, inquiring quilter who is always hungry for new ideas, designs and visions. I learn with every quilt, and I make certain that every quilt which ends up on my frame is unique and deserves a very detailed special quilting. I specialize in boutique quilts and memory 'keeper' quilts

 Kyra RepsIn 2017, Kyra discovered the APLIQUICK method for needle turned applique and she started making DOTS…. LOT’s and LOT’s of DOTS!  She then started designing mandalas while using these dots. Kyra now teaches her Dot mandala designs using the APLIQUICK method and teaches the design process of making mandalas.  In addition to this, she teaches Dot painting and showcases how you can create a beautiful original mandala with DOTS.   When Kyra is not quilting, creating, or dotting, she spends her time being a wife and a mother to her 5 children.  She also enjoys spending time in her vast flower gardens which span across her 8-acre property.

Margaret Solomon Gunn has sewn everything from heirloom smocked dresses to curtains, with a current love of hand-piecing and appliqué. She made her first quilt while in college studying to be an engineer. Fifteen years later, she traded in the career to stay at home, raise her children, and realized that her love of quilting could be fostered at the same time and bought herself a longarm to start a business, Mainely Quilts of Love. Known for her often intricate secondary patterns and use of templates, Margaret is a freemotion quilter with many national awards and published articles to her credit.  

Faculty: Timna Tarr for Designing with Flying ColorsTimna Tarr comes from a long line of quilters but did not begin quilting until after studying art history in college. She bought her first longarm in 2001 and has been quilting client quilts ever since. Timna’s own award winning quilts have been seen in numerous national quilting magazines and is an in-demand speaker and teacher throughout the northeastern United States." She is a member of Hands Across the Valley Quilters Guild and the Northampton Modern Quilt Guild."

Carolyn Tusinski has been on staff with MQX for many years. Currently, she manages the judging room and the quilt hanging and (gentle) tear down. Carolyn is also a longarmer. In her 'other' life, she is a marketing manager for a cool tech company in MA.  Carolyn's fur kids pretty much run her life.

Faculty: Christa Watson for Finding Your Path - Quilting on Your Domestic MachineChrista Watson –lives with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the author of two books, Machine Quilting With Style and The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. She loves making modern quilts from start to finish and enjoys teaching others that they can, too! Visit her at and on Instagram @christaquilts

Candace West - Quilt Artist Educator  Candace West is a multiple national and international award winner and teacher, whose art has been displayed at all major quilt show venues. With over 80 awards in her show career, her award-winning quilts and garments have appeared in several major magazines. Candace is the owner of Barn Catz Studio, specializing in the design and manufacturing of quilting rulers, templates and tools.  /

  Cathy Wiggins -  is a self-taught quilter and leather worker, who loves sharing her passion with others through teaching, lecturing, and judging. After 20 years in the telecommunications industry, she left the corporate world to become an artist. Since beginning of her quilting career in 2003, she has won praise and recognition both nationally and internationally. She is pioneering the art of quilting on leather with the launch of her own leather line and products for the home sewer. In the last several years, she has had multiple solo exhibitions of her artistic creations throughout the country. In 2016, MQX Quilt Festivals honored Cathy for her innovation and pioneering spirit by creating a new award category entitled, "New Traditions in Textiles, the Cathy Wiggins Award".  In 2018, Schiffer Publishing released Cathy’s first book, Quilting Leather.

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