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Kathleen Mitchell - Hooked after answering an at-home ad "Learn to Quilt" in the local paper ten years ago, Kathleen eagerly absorbed everything her new guild friends shared.  Their practice quilts in tow, working on a rigged frame brought out determination & a love for finishing quilts.  Inventor, Baptist Fan ruler.

352-20 Hey Man - Lookit that Baptist Fan
With Kathleen Mitchell
Friday, April 17, 2020
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time

$45.00 Regular Price
DoubleTree Hotel / Center of New Hampshire
Level:  Everyone
Type of Class: Lecture - Demo, Product Specific

What has five fingers, can swing, glide, and navigate curves with ease?   You and the Baptist Fan ruler!  This class guides both confident beginner and seasoned quilters around continuous curves, clams, scallops, vines in five sizes, with the all-in-one acrylic guide.  Create simple fills before traveling through the a-mazing maze of the Baptist Fan. 

This lecture/demo class will show use on both a home sewing and a stand-up frame machines.

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