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 Everyday, we field a large number of phone calls from prospective students. Here are some commonly asked questions:

1. Is there anything for me to do at the show if I don't machine quilt?  Yes, MQX welcomes anyone who enjoys quilt artistry and creativity to take classes and to participate in classes and events. If you are a machine quilter and have a piecing friend....... bring them with you. MQX is more than just a machine quilting show; there are many types of classes to take like piecing, design, art, business and robotic quilting, as well as stunning quilts and a wide variety of vendors to shop.

2.  Which class should I take if I only use a home sewing machine to quilt ?  We like to tell our students that it doesnt matter whether the fabric is moved under the needle (sit down) or the needle moves over the fabric (frame quilting). Many of the lecture /demo classes are technique based and will, for the most part, apply to whatever machine you use. 

3.  I'm a beginner but I want to take a class that is for an intermediate level?   If it is a lecture/demo type class, go for it. If it is a hands-on you might want to think it over since it would be easy to fall behind and get frustrated. Give it a try, keep in mind that you will retain what you feel you can use now and file away more advanced information for when you're ready.  Remember, one light bulb moment makes taking the class worthwhile. No matter what the level, enjoy the experience and camaraderie of MQX.  

4.  May I bring my husband?  Yes, we love your significant others.  We will have plenty of volunteer positions available or let them shop the vendor mall and fine tune which machine to buy. We have seen it happen time after time that the husband will get hooked on robotics, tools, and gadgets and end up taking classes themselves. 

5.  How many classes should I take?  Know your limits! Remember to take time to view the quilts, shop the vendor mall, mingle with fellow quilters, and have some fun. MQX generally has a one hour break between each class giving you plenty of time to browse the show floor or to relax with a snack. We have certainly seen students take back-to-back classes and never go on the show floor. It is all up to you.

6.  Are my classes tax deductible? If you are running a business YES!  Please check with your accountant for specific tax information regarding deductions.

7. Which events may I attend if I do not register for classes?  Single and multi-day admission is available for purchase to the exhibit hall to see the quilts, vendors, and special exhibits. Public show days are Thursday , Friday and Saturday.  The Wednesday evening Sneak Peek Preview is for registered students, competition entrants, faculty, and wristband purchasers. Event tickets may be purchased by anyone without incurring a class registration fee.

8 . Does it really work out to have a roommate? Most of the time it does.  It saves you money and most will go home with a new friend. The MQX Quilt Festival Yahoo group is helpful in finding a  roommate. 

9.  Do I need to bring my sewing machine for the piecing classes? NO. The domestic sewing machine classes all have machines provided for use in the classroom. Extra needles and basic sewing supplies, plus the supply list items for class(es), are needed.

10. I only know some of the classes I want to take, should I sign up now or wait till I know which other ones I want? Sign up for the ones you know you want now which will this secure place in the class. Add on classes and events anytime thereafter. Students with access to a computer (a laptop or hotel business center) may opt to sign-up for classes up to 24 hours in advance of the class. Stop at Student Services if time permits, otherwise, show your badge to the teacher.

When in doubt, call MQX Registration. Mary Schilke may be reached toll free at 866-675-7247 between the hours of 9 am to 9 pm.

MQX offices are located in the Eastern Time Zone 

Mary Schilke

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