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Announcing the Finalists for 
      MQX Quilt Festival - New England 2019


CONGRATULATIONS to the following finalists in the juried quilt competition.
Also included in this list are those that submitted quilts in the non-juried categories (Emerging Entrants, Kids Can Quilt, It's Better in Leather and Snow & Ice Dyed Mandala Challenges).

Acceptance e-mails will be sent in the next few days with:
Detailed shipping instructions
     Appraisal Form
     Identification Form 

All attendees must register here  admission is $5 for everyone
Show Preview from 6-7 immediately following the awards - a wristband is required $12.
          Registered students must show badge.

If your quilt has been received it is highlighted below in YELLOW

If your quilt is scheduled to be dropped off on Saturday 4/6 at the DoubleTree Hotel, 3-5 pm
     it is highlighted in GREEN

Karen Abrahamovich
Marie Anderson (3)
Cristina Arcenegui Bono
Andrea Ashwell
Carolina Asmussen (3)
Helen Baczynski
Michelle Baker
Salena Beckwith
Eva Birch (2)
Susan Bishop (2)
Heather Black
Sharon Blackmore
Inger Blood
Susie Boots
Phyllis Bouchard
Deb Boucher
Debbie Boyd
Alice Brown
Carlton Brown
Sandy Buczynski
Annette Burgess (2)
Diana Cain
Susan Campos
Teri Cherne
Katherine Collins
Terry Crean (2)
Janet Dalis
Tere D'Amato
Ben Darby (3)
Lynn DeAngelis
Linda Deming (2)
Rachelle Denneny
Susan Deshensky
Lynn Diamond
Rhonda Dort (3)
Marcia Dougherty
Collette Dumont
Isabella Duncan
Roberta Ellis
Diane Evans
Rebecca Everett
Ree Fagan
Kerry Foster
Susan Foster
Kelly Freeman
Romana Frys (2)
Brittany Gable
Catherine Geier

Linda Gibbons
Linda Gilmartin-Hancock
Marilynn Gipson
Kathryn Gostola
Tami Graeber
Robyn Gragg
Shirley Guier (2)
Sophie Gunn
Elizabeth Habich (2)
Patricia Hale
Tommy Harris (2)
Madison Hartley
Jane Hauprich

Janis Hedges
Michelle Renee Hiatt
Nikki Hill (2)
Emily Hofmann (2)
Dorie Hruska (1 of 2)
Jan Hutchison

Norma Ippolito
Mari Jameson (4)
Marie Joerger
Kathyl Jogerst
Katherine Jones (2)
Quinlan Jones
Karen Kendo (2)
Amy Kidd
Nina Klinck (2)
Jean Konopacz (2)
Akiko Kunst
Miru Kunst
Chris Laiacona
Cindi Lambert (2)
Mary Landon
Eve Lanzafame
Guiliana Lavallee
Alexis Lieberman
Terry Lieberman
Annelize Littlefair (5)
Pam Machamer (2)
Karen Marchetti (2)
Nicole Maroon
Dona McKenzie
Kathy McNeil (2)
Arvilla Medeiros (2)
Michelle Medeiros
Mary Menzer (2)
Kathleen Mitchell
Sandra Mollon (2)
Abby Nelson
Bethanne Nemesh
Beth Nufer
Marlene Oddie
Jane O'Clair
Rose Orr (2)
Darla Parks (2)
Susan Pelland
Gina Perkes-Tidwell
Dan Perkins
Christine Perrigo
Claudia Pfeil (1 of 2)
Teresa Pino (2)
Michelle Plourde
Heidi Profferty (2)
Lynne Rainen (2)
Sondra Reierson
Tracy Renshaw
Kyra Reps
MaryGin Rettman
JoAnn Rice
Kathy Rich (2)

Kathleen Riggins
Jodi Robinson (2)
Kim Rogers
Robin Ryder (2)
Linda Salitrynski
Rosella Sawyer
Jodi Scaltreto
Sylvia Schaefer
Claudia Scheja
Beth Schillig
Charlet Sherman
Magdelina Short
Ellen Simmons
Susan Smith
Judy Soedt
Margaret Solomon Gunn (3)
Amie Spinello
Madeline St. Pierre
Marianne Stanton
Deanna Steel
Gail Stepanek
Simone Steuxner
Kate Stewart (3)
Jennifer Strauser
Nancy Sullivan
Sharon Sweetland
Claudia Taeubert
Cheryl Tassinari
Betty Jo Tatum
Marjena Tautkus
Qurrat Thakur (2)
Linda Thielfoldt
Juanice Thompson
Karen Ticehurst
Barbara Triscari
Isabelle Tucker
Sue Turnquist
Twin States Modern
     Quilt Guild
Victoria van der Laan
Marjike van Welzen
Roger Verge
Nadine Villiani
Diadem Washburn
Patricia Washburn
Claire Watts (2)
Suzy Webster (2)
Terry Weiss
Cathy Wiggins
Nick Williams (2)
Sally Williams
Laura Winckel
Elizabeth Witchel (2)
Christine Yi (3)
Lorry Young (2)
Marty Young
Jane Zilmer
Kathryn Zimmerman (2)
Cynthia Zoller(2)

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