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Announcing the Finalists for 
      MQX Quilt Festivals - New England 2018


CONGRATULATIONS to the following finalists in the juried quilt competition.
Also included in this list are those that submitted quilts in the non-juried categories (Emerging Entrants, Kids Can Quilt, Dotty for MQX Challenge).

Acceptance e-mails will be sent in the next few days with:
Detailed shipping instructions
     Appraisal Form
     Identification Form 

Only rejection e-mails have been sent as of 2/17/18.

Entrants are admitted free - Register Here
Others that want to come to the awards must
 purchase a wristband
Entrants names will be checked at the door on Wednesday night

If your name is not shown here and you submitted an entry, please message Janet-Lee at  

Betsy Abbott
Karen Abrahamovich (2)
Kathy Adams
Marie Alexander
Justine Allen
Lori Allison
Cristina Arcenegui Bono
David Armour (3)
Nancy Arseneault
Andrea Ashwell
Carolina Asmussen (2)
Heidi August
Marilyn Badger
Michelle Baker (2)
Penni Barger (2)
Ruth Barnes Reed (2)
Diane Bashaw (2)
Delaney Benevides
Nancy Benson
Jeanne Berlin
Eva Birch
Inger Blood (2)
Mary Bolton
Debbi Borg (2)
Deb Boucher
Kristy Boule
Debbie Boyd (2)
Andrea Brokenshire
Veronica Broketa
Alice Brown (2)
Carlton Brown (2)
Sandra Bryant
Michaela Byrne
Michelle Cain
Angie Callbeck (2)
Lisa Calle
Barbara Campbell (2)
Susan Campos
Ann Carson
Diane Carson
Clare Castor
Tara Celeste
Teri Cherne (2)
Janette Chilver
Anga Christy
Anna Chupa
Katherine Collins
Tina Craig
Lyn Crump
Janet Dalis
Tere D'Amato
Sarah Daniels
Mathea Daunheimer
Suzanne Daurio
Julia Davidovich
Ava Davis
Sue Davis
Myles DeCook
Jean Deguira
Laura Di Cera
Joan Dinneen
Diane Dixon
Ellie Domian
Karyn Dornemann
Rhonda Dort (3)
Katherine Dossman
Marcia Dougherty
Carol Duffy (2)
Donna Dynes
Janet Elia
Cathy Erickson
Kerin Ferrin
Peggy Fischer

Renee Fleuranges-Valdes
Catherine Geier
Donna Gonzalez-Velasco
Marci Gore
Kathryn Gostola
Tami Graeber (4)
Heather Grant
Joyce Greer
Constance Griner (2)
Sophie Gunn
Renae Haddadin
Betty Hahn
Beverly Haley
Molly Hamilton-McNally
Kathryn Hartley 
Lynne Hartman (s)
Shireen Hattan
Jane Hauprich
Denise Havlan
Nikki Hill (2)
Norma Ippolito
Sue Irwin
Katherine Jones (3)
Deborah Kalenty
Betty Kaliszak-Wilson
Susan Kappes
Nancy Kelly-Lovi
Karen Kendo (3)
Jarrett Keys
Amy Kidd (2)
Louise Klare
Carol Kolf
Kimberly Lacy (3)
Cindi Lambert
Mary Landon
Nancy LaPointe
Julie Lariviere (2)
Jack Lawson
Grace Lee
Karen Marchetti
Peggy Marquardt
Dona McKenzie
Kathy McNeil
Leslie McSorley
Arvilla Medeiros
Catherine Messenger (3)
Kathleen Mitchell (2)
Harley Nail
Regan Nail
Bethanne Nemesh (2)
Beth Nufer
Bridget O'Flaherty
Rose Orr
Darlene Orschek
Paulette Paquin
Dan Perkins
Christine Perrigo
Jackie Perry
Amy Peterson
Claudia Pfeil
Michelle Plourde
Karen Ponischil
Gayle Pulley
Sheila Quinn
Lisa Reber (2)
Kyra Reps (3)
Sherry Reynolds
Helia Ricci
Kathy Rice
Kathy Rich (3)

Marquita Rich
Carolyn Rider
Kathleen Riggins
Robin Ryder
Pauline Salzman (2)
Patti Sandage
Wendy Sanden
Rosella Sawyer
Claudia Scheja
Beth Schillig
Birgit Schueller (2)
Heather Shields
Mickie Sienko (2)
Ellen Simmons (2)
Barbara Simons
Sarah Ann Smith
Susan Smith (2)
David Smithers
Doug Sobel
Margaret Solomon Gunn
Jacqueline Soper
Kim Soper
Amie Spinello
Marianne Stanton (2)
Gail Stepanek (2)
Judy Stokes
Jennifer Strauser (4)
Penny Streeter
Kathleen Stuart
Nancy Sullivan
Cora Swalec (2)
Tracy Szanto
Claudia Taeubert (2)
Timna Tarr
Phyllis Tarrant
Betty Jo Tatum
Verena Tautkus
Karen Terrens
Linda Thielfoldt
Katrina Thomas (2)
Karen Ticehurst
Debbi Treusch
Erica Triglianos
Sue Turnquist (2)
Rebecca Verrier-Watt (2)
Nadine Villani (2)
Patricia Washburn (3)
Vicki Watkins
Suzy Webster
Leta Wellman
Kimberly Werth
Candace West
Lynn Wheatley (2)
Cathy Wiggins (2)
Carrie Wikander (3)
Pat Williams
Sally Williams
Elizabeth Wilson
Martha Wilson
Diane Wingo (2)
Laura Wirkkala
Sylvia Womack
Patricia Wood
Debra Woods
Kathy Wylie

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