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Announcing the Finalists for 
      MQX Quilt Festival - New England 2020


CONGRATULATIONS to the following finalists in the juried quilt competition.

Acceptance e-mails will be sent in the next few days with:
Detailed shipping instructions
     Appraisal Form
     Identification Form 

All attendees must register here  admission is $5 for everyone

Show Preview from 7-9 following the awards ceremony - a wristband is required $12.
    Click here to purchase a wristband or you may purchase one at the show.
NOTE: Competition entrants receive one admission wristband available at the show admission booth.
          Registered students must show badge to get into the preview and quilt show.

Men's Exhibit Quilt List will be available 2-23-20. 

2-22-2020 - If something doesn't look right or your name is missing,
please message me at


Karen Abrahamovich
Rhonda Adams - 3
Sue Ahnrud
Zoe Aksim
Sharon Arnold
Andrea Ashwell
Marilyn Badger - 2
Joanne Baeth
Ava Barratt
Cindy Bartosewcz
Karen Bean
Salena Beckwith
Susan Bishop
Lisa Black - 2
Ana Blickenderfer - 3
Inger Blood - 2
Denniele Bohannon
Angela Bowman
Shelley Brooks - 2
Alice Brown - 2
Karen Kay Buckley
Gail Butler
Alivia Byrne
Diana Cain
Ginny Canning
Holly Carpenter
Sheridan Carter
Patricia Caton
Teri Cherne
Anna Chupa
Susan Cobaugh
Jill Coleman - 2 
Katherine Collins
Sue Colozzi
Terry Crean - 2
Lyn Crump - 2
Molly Culp
Elizabeth Curran
Tere D'Amato - 2
Ben Darby
Margaret Davis
Ruth Davis
Linda Deming - 3
Susan Deshensky - 3
Kevin Devine
Laura DiCera
Linda Diak
Christopher Dineen
Diane Dixon
Sheila Drevna
Carol Duffy
Shaina Duffy
Colette Dumont
Ree Fagan - 2
Kerin Ferrin
Ellen Fisher
Gyleen Fitzgerald
Angie Fitzreiter
Romana Frys - 2
Brittany Gable
Deanna Gaudaur
Catherine Geier
Linda Gilmartin-Hancock

Donna Gonzalez-Velasco - 2
Tami Graeber - 2
Robyn Gragg - 2
Joyce Greer - 2
Cindy Grisdela
Molly Hamilton-McNally
Kelly Hanson
Catherine Harnisch
Susan Haslett-Scholfield - 2
Shireen Hattan - 2
Jane Hauprich
Michelle Renee Hiatt
Donald Hileman
LeAnn Hileman
Nikki Hill
Audrey Hinder
Joyce Hite
Emily Hofmann - 2
Karen Hogan - 5
Ann Horton - 2
Ivan Huffstetler
Errol Highes
Norma Ippolito
Louise Isabelle
Mari Jameson
Shari Novak Johnson
Katherine Jones - 2
Karen Kendo - 2
Amy Kidd
Kimberly Lacy - 2
Cindi Lambert
Jayce Lanzafame
Nancy LaPointe
LibertyAnne Lary
Naomi Lary
Jaci Lawson - 2
Diane Levandoski
Marilyn Lidstrom Larson
Chantal Little
Mari Lydic
Dawn Macomber
Hailey Mayer
Landon McAlpine
Leo McClure
Lin McQuiston
Arvilla Medeiros
Catherine Messenger
Anne-Mario Miro
Kathleen Mitchell - 2
Isabel Munoz - 2
Beth Nufer
Bridget O'Flaherty
Rose Orr
Hannah Owens
Anita Pacheco
Mary Palmer
Ron Parejko - 2
Susan Pelland
Sheila Perun
Amy Peterson
Claudia Pfeil
Valerie Pollay
Heidi Proffetty

Lynne Rainen
Corinne Ramey
Michael Raynor
Norma Reel - 2
Renae Reno
Kyra Reps
MaryGin Rettman
Kathy Rich - 2
Carolyn Rider
Norma Riehm - 5
Jodi Robinson - 5
Michael Ross
Amber Routhier
Tammy Ruggeri
Stephanie Ruyle - 2
Jodi Scaltreto
Claudia Scheja (2)
Marina Segalovitch
Lillian Sharpe
Ellen Simmons - 2
Damon Smith - 2
Sarah Ann Smith - 2
Susan Smith - 2
Margaret Solomon Gunn
Linda Spence - 2
Stacie Spradlin
Bill Stearman
Gail Stepanek
Simone Steuxner - 2
Janet Stone - 2
Jennifer Strauser
Sharon Sweetland
Tracy Szanto - 4
Mary Margaret Szymanski
Betty Jo Tatum
Breanna Taylor
Qurrat Thakur
Rene' Therrien
Linda Thielfoldt - 2
Deb Treusch
Emmi Venera
Nadine Villani
Joy Voltenburg
Laura Walstad
Patricia Washburn - 2
Suzy Webster - 2
Gay Weigand - 2
Rosemary Wells - 2
Lois Wendling
Cathy Wiggins
Olivia Wiggins
Kayleigh Williams
Pat Williams
Sally Williams
Sara Wilmot
Kenn Yazzie
Christine Yi
Lorry Young
Jude Zeoli
Katherine Zimmerman - 2
Cynthia Zoller
Jonas Zoller

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