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 MQX 2020

Men at Work -- And Play! 

Ten years ago, MQX had a wonderful exhibit of quilts by men. Since there are so many more men
that have adventured into this world of quilting, we thought it was time to revisit it.
Leading this celebration of men quilters is MQX's Lead Judge, Scott Murkin.

Click here for exhibit information, deadlines, rules, etc. 
Questions may be sent to Janet-Lee at Info@MQXShow.com 

LANE - New England Longarm Quilters

In 2018, the New England Longarm Quilters had a group challenge. Simple 9-patch blocks with extraordinary quilting.

Entrants, please use the entry form below to submit your quilt for display. Each entry is $10 and the deadline for entry is February 1st, 2020 at 11:59 pm. 

Please enter your quilt for either exhibit using the form below. There is a drop-down menu within the form to select which exhibit you want to enter. 

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at Competition@MQXShow.com  

Your Contact Info:
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Address Line 1
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* City:
* State:
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Quilt Entry Information:
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* Entry Category:
LANE - New England Longarm Quilters
Men at Work -- And Play!
* Have you read the rules for the exhibit you are entering?
(Please check the rules for these exhibits in description above the form.)
* Entry Description:
(1000 characters or less)
* Will you be in Attendance?
YES, I will be attending MQX Festival
NO, I will not be attending MQX Festival
(Please comply with the measurement information listed in the exhibit guidelines.)
* Width:
(in Inches)
* Height:
(in Inches)
* Month & Year of Completion:
Quilting Machine Brand, Model and/or Computerized System used for quilting:
* Brand, Model and/or Computerized System used for quilting:
* Is the machine used for quilting:
A stand up frame system (machine/needle is moved over the quilt), or
A sit down (non-frame/table top) system
* What is the value of this entry?
* Do you have a certified appraisal for this entry?
If you have a certified appraisal, you may upload it here, or alternately you may email a copy to competition@mqxshow.com - GIF or JPG format or a PDF file.) 
Quilted By Info
* Machine quilted by:
* Pieced/appliquéd by:
* Was this entry created from or inspired by a specific pattern?
* If this pattern for this entry was created from or inspired by a specific pattern, please give detailed information.
If you answered No above please just type N/A in the field below.
Shipping Information
* Getting your entry to MQX Quilt Festival - Will you:
Ship your entry to MQX Quilt Festival or,
Drop off
* Returning your entry FROM MQX Quilt Festival - will this entry be:
Picked up
Shipped back to you
Shipped back to someone/somewhere else
Shipped back to someone/somewhere else - Enter Address Here:
Fill in this section ONLY if quilt is being shipped to someone other than the entrant (name, address, phone, email):
* Is the return address a residential address?

Pictures of Your Quilt

Please provide a full and detail view digital photograph of your quilt: (acceptable file formats: jpg, gif, png) A note about file names: Please make sure your image files are UNIQUELY named and do not include ANY punctuation except hyphens or underscores. Files with simple names like "full", "full Photo" or "image" or "image1" are not appropriately named.

Resize photos to be 1MB or less BEFORE you attempt to upload your files.
Here is an online "Resize" tool.

* Full View Image:
* Detail View Image:
Exhibit Agreement: By entering the MQX Quilt Festival (MQXQF) Exhibit, I acknowledge that MQXQF, its organizers, staff, families and volunteers will do everything possible to secure the entries while in MQXQF's possession. By signing this Agreement, I agree that I will not hold any of these parties liable for loss or damage while at MQXQF's or during transport to/from MQXQF. I further agree that it is up to me to insure my entry and release MQXQF from any liability exceeding $500. I agree that MQXQF is not liable for any payment due to loss or damage of any kind or under any circumstances. I hereby certify that all the information listed on this Entry Form is true and understand that my entry may be disqualified if any statements made are inaccurate. I give permission for my entry to be photographed for publicity purposes, the MQXQF Photo Stick and any photography needs relating to this event. I have read and agree with this Entry Agreement and all entry guidelines. All show requirements have been made clear and by entering my THREE initials below, I hereby acknowledge and agree.
* Enter your initials here:
If you would like to print a copy of this entry, you must print it BEFORE clicking the submit button. -please use the print function on your browser to print.

REMINDER - You may submit ONLY TWO entries per category of these exhibits. You may pay for your entries together. If you wish to submit a more than one entry, please use the link after submitting to navigate back to this page and then add the appropriate number of Exhibit Entry fees to your cart.
*Please do not click Submit twice or hit the back button after the form has processed,
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